Company Profile

Al Sedriyah Hospitality is a dynamic & energetic hospitality group with a prime focus of delivering world-class recipes and outstanding food with first-class service and originality to the Middle-East.

Al Sedriyah Hospitality has been set up as the Food & Beverage division of Qatar Horizon. Qatar Horizon have been operating and developing their vast company portfolio within Investment & Real Estate for a number of years. As Qatar is an ever evolving market it requires any company within the region to broaden its scope and invest in developing a prosperous future. Qatar Horizon look forward to their exciting first foray in the Food & Beverage industry and thriving in their new business venture.

Al Sedriyah Hospitality has set itself the distinct target of delivering quality brands into a market that already offers a varied array of options. We pride ourselves on thinking outside-of-the-box and focus all of our attention on customer experience, by looking at additional ways to offer 5-star restaurant service to the everyday dining-market.

It has culminated in the creation of 41° WS, delivering a new look American dining experience, along with L’aube showcasing our very own taste of France.  In addition we have as our first concept to launch in Al Sedriyah Hospitality – Cactus Senshi introducing Arabic Sushi to the world, and Jeepneys a Filipino family favourite!

Al Sedriyah Hospitality stands for quality, attention to detail, accessibility and being a leader in the Food & Beverage industry. All of our delicious food is made in-house, using the highest quality ingredients, from recipes created by our talented chefs. We house our own central kitchen which allows us to manage the quality of our own bread, pastries, meat, fish and all other ingredients needed to exceed your expectations.


The Al Sedriyah Hospitality management team knowledge is grounded through a passion for hospitality as consumers & connoisseurs and then honed through decades of experience working within restaurants across the world.

Our management team have earned an unprecedented number of awards, as well as numerous other media accolades.

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer

Hassan Al Mannai is the Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Horizon Investments, responsible for providing strategic and operational leadership for the group and its business entities including Al Sedriyah Hospitality.

A Qatari national, Hassan has a wealth of experience in the financial industry and is renowned for his business acumen and visionary leadership.

He began his successful career at Qatar National Bank Group (QNB), moving through the ranks quickly and was promoted to the ARM contracting position. In 2015. Hassan was appointed Senior Relation Manager at Masraf Al Rayan, the second largest Islamic bank in Qatar, where he is regarded as a first class banker with strong knowledge of Regional FI, Trade & Treasury solutions.

Hassan Al Mannai holds a Master of Business Administration and Management degree from The University of Hull, United Kingdom.



Key Personnel


Our Values

Al Sedriyah Hospitality focus on several key components which define us as a company:

  • Fresh quality products
  • Attention to detail
  • Great customer experience
  • Sensitive every day dining prices
  • A welcoming experience for all the family

Our Mission

Al Sedriyah Hospitality’s mission is to redefine every day dining; we believe in offering food, drink and a service that you would expect from any top restaurant, but delivered in a casual environment.

The casual-dining market is often considered as a high-volume and low-quality set-up, however Al Sedriyah Hospitality believe that with food being such a large part of our lives, the everyday dining experience deserves more – therefore it is our mission is to put an emphasis on quality, not quantity.

All of our chefs and service teams are trained to “walk the customer experience’’, with this we mean that every time they dress a salad, shake a mocktail or recommend a dish, they are doing with a customer’s happiness and enjoyment in mind. Al Sedriyah Hospitality believes that quality comes through perseverance, training, and not accepting second-best under any circumstance.