Welcome to AL Sedriyah Hospitality

Al Sedriyah Hospitality brings together a portfolio of brands that deliver every day dining with exceptional service and attention to detail. Each restaurant concept has been hand-picked to deliver unrivaled quality food in an uncomplicated way allowing our guests to enjoy a dining experience not just a meal!

We embrace the casual-dining market through concepts that deliver fresh food cooked by professional chefs and served by a friendly team in an environment that will allow you to relax and enjoy the experience every day of the week.


  • We believe that dining out isn't just about the meal - it's about the overall experience. We have created memorable dining experiences which can be felt in any one of our restaurants, whether it is the conceptual approach of La Marans, Cactus Senshi ,41° WS and Jeepneys..
    - Hassan Al Mannai, Chief Executive Officer

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